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Goodbye To my sweet paradise

Dear Reader,

I have a favorite quote about San Jose by Shakespeare:

“This other Eden…
this precious stone…
set in the silver sea of this earth,
this ground… this San Jose.”

(ok, Steve Martin stole it from Shakespeare, I’m stealing it from him.)

I am both excited and sad. Yes, I will finally be back home with my wife (the lovely and talented Kathy) and kids. (oh…and the dogs…yea…whoopie…I get to see my dogs again…seriosuly, HTML NEEDS a sarcasm tag!)

But I’m sad to go. As much fun as has been poked at life in The Valley, it truly is a great place to live. Yes, it’s expensive here. Exhorbantly expensive, but if you are a programmer there is no better place on earth to be. These truly are my people. I feel like I’ve found the lost tribe of Judah and they are all Pengunistas!

So it is with sad heart that I say good bye to all my friends. Remember me fondly.


Blog Magic Eye – Redux

Dear Reader,

Ok, when I put up the original Blog Magic Eye, some of you who read it felt it might have been a bit too subtle. Personally, I love subtle, that’s probably why I like British sitcoms. Unlike their American counterparts, they don’t feel the need to explain the joke to you. Some of you didn’t even get why I referenced Kathy in the original. Well, I’ve made some code changes and by now it should be pretty clear. If not, well, sorry.

Until next time, last night in the valley.


The Nerd Herder has been schooled!

Dear Reader,

I must say I consider myself a pretty innovative manager but I have been schooled in the art of Nerd Herding. I’m sitting here writing this at the first annual Jupiter Hosting Christmas LAN party! Instead of a bunch of ties and suits and food nobody is really sure they like or not boss man decided that this year we would have an all-day, catered LAN party. The company provided food, a game and even Nerf guns! So you gotta ask yourself. How many times did you kill your boss at your Christmas party this year? :)


Another WP Plugin

Dear Reader,

Through the fog of Birthday induced depression, I found the time to work on another WordPress plug-in. Building on the work of Jarno Ristaniemi and Clay Smith I’ve added an options page to allow you to set all the options from within wordpress. You can see it in action of you look at my sidebar. This one was fun because it was the first one I did with an options page. Again, kudos to the WP team. I was able to squeeze it all into a single file. Granted it’s still not as complex as some plug-ins I’ve seen but I’m getting there.

Read the install page and download here.

Until next time, the final countdown has begun.