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I’m on “Managing The Gray”

Dear Reader,

w00t! I’m featured on a short segment on CC Chapman’s “Managing The Gray”. My segment, “The 60 second tech” is at the very end of “How to Break Into New Media as a Career”.

Do me a favor, drop by CC’s site and let him know how much you appreciate him adding my segment to his already wonderful podcast. Be truthful and honest when you tell him that “60 Second Tech” is a great way to cap off his insights into…whatever he happens to be talking about at the moment. (If you don’t subscribe to his podcast, you really need to…it’s one of the ones I wait for each week)

I figure with all my friends and family posting, we may can get 2 maybe even 3 positive comments! :)

Until next time,

p.s. Thanks C.C.!