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Be happy

Dear Reader,

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

— Maya Angelou

Some days it is hard to be happy. You wakeup knowing that you’ve got to slog through a swamp before the day is done and you just start pre-dreading.

Take 5-minutes, close your eyes, and go to your happy place. I go diving with the lovely and talented Kathy, but you go where ever you are the happiest. Stay there for five whole minutes. It may take some practice to let your mind wander like this, you may have to work up to five minutes. Still, make the effort.

Invest this 5 minutes every morning, and you will find that your attitude changes.

No, this little life hack won’t solve any of your problems. Changing your attitude however, will change how you see those problems, and that’s the first step to solving them.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

Failing doesn’t bother me as much as failing to act

Dear reader,

“Failing doesn’t bother me as much as failing to act does.”
– Cal Evans

It’s not a unique thought, others have written about it as well. However, this simple thought was driven home to me recently.

I got a call one day in December from a good friend of mine. He started talking about an exciting opportunity he had and that he was considering myself or one other person to help him with it. I knew deep down inside that if I did it, it would push me way out of my comfort zone. I also knew that if I did it, the project would have had a much higher ROI for my friend because I was best suited to help him promote it. Foolishly however, I passed on the opportunity giving a lame excuse because I was just too afraid to act. I failed. I failed my friend but more importantly, I failed myself.

I passed on an opportunity when I could have simply stepped up and stepped out of my comfort zone. Yes, there is a possibility I could have failed miserably. However I will never know if I could have done the job or not. I don’t regret many actions in my life, I do regret a lot of my in-actions, like this one.

As I sit here in the new year and write this, it’s not to whine or complain about a missed opportunity. I’ve learned from my mistake and moved on. This blog post is just a reminder to myself to seize opportunities that push me out of my comfort zone. Yes, I will fail at some of them. However, I’d rather be known as the guy who failed than the guy who didn’t try.

Until Next Time,

I <3 |<