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Take 3

Dear Reader,


Thee points I took from the blog post “Everything I need to know about startups, I learned from a crime boss

I learned to read at an early age – correction, I learned to love to read at an early age – thanks to my mom. The problem is that I read so much, I usually don’t pay close attention to it. This is great for fiction but not so great for business books and blog posts. So I am making an effort to read thing more deliberately. One of the ways I do that is to take notes as I read.. I’ve got 9 pages of notes in my notebook on Marketing White Belt: Basics For the Digital Marketer, which was the first book I read after deciding to do this.

I read way too many blogs to pull out my battered notebook every time, so I’ve decided to start blogging when I find an article that is interesting and give you three things I took away from it. (Future articles won’t have a pointless preamble)

Article:”Everything I need to know about startups, I learned from a crime boss

  1. I need to be more vocal.
    In the section “Closed mouths don’t get fed” the author makes an excellent point. I tend to take a “Field of Dreams” approach to marketing my own ideas like “Avoiding a Goat Rodeo” and Day Camp 4 Developers”. I’m going to find ways to be more vocal about it, ask for the sale while not being too annoying.
  2. I am going to cut out projects that have been going on for more than a year and don’t show signs of either turning a profit.
    I have 1 project I do just for fun no matter if it makes a profit or not. Everything else has to be examined under the microscope of profitability. I’m not becoming a crass money-whore, it’s more a matter of time allocation. There are things I do for fun and things I do for money. If an activity doesn’t fit in one of those buckets, it probably needs to go.
  3. I think too small.
    As much as I love DC4D (and it’s not one of the projects I’m reevaluating) I want to build something that impacts developers lives the way TED Talks impact entrepreneurs…and others. DC4D was started because I love helping developers. I’ve got to get it to the point where it helps more developers. I am not content in helping small numbers of developers, I want to help them all. My next steps with DC4D – and with other projects I am considering – will need to be big.

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