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Box Lunch Training – It’s time to get my butt in gear

Dear Reader,

For four years now I’ve had a dream. I’ve wanted to build a training program especially designed for teams. I call this program “Box Lunch Training”. However, this dream has languished. I’ve talked about it, I’ve gotten excited about it, but in the end, I’ve always been too scared of failure to actually

Briefly, the idea

If you have ever managed a team, you have probably instituted a similar program. The idea is simple, everyone gets together for lunch one day and the team eats while one person presents on a topic they are passionate about. After the presentation, the team sits together and discusses what they learned and how they can use it.

The problem I always had with these programs is finding the time to create the content. Either I had to do it, I had to assign it to someone, or I had to ask for volunteers. No matter what I tried, we always got too busy and it fell by the wayside. That is the problem I hope to solve with BLT.

So why am I posting this?

I’m writing this because it’s time I get off my ample backside and get this thing going. In the coming weeks and months you will see me post ads for BLT. I am going to work my mailing lists, my twitter accounts and every other way I have to get the message out about BLT. Partly because I want this project to succeed but mostly because I want teams to succeed and I think BLT gives any development team an advantage.

I am writing this for two reasons.

First, to warn you. I appreciate all my readers, followers, friends, and anyone who connects with me on-line or in person. That having been said, this project is a passion of mine and I love talking about my passions. So if you don’t want to hear about this, un-follow, un-friend and disconnect now.

Second, I’m writing to ask for your help. Keep BLT in the back of your mind. If you don’t hear me talking about it, ping me and ask how it is going. If I stop talking about BLT it’s because I get frozen in place with the fear of failure; help me out of that state. Push me, prod me, poke me, whatever and get me going again. I love helping people and I love building teams. BLT is the culmination of those loves.

I’m excited.

I’m ready.

I’m scared to death.

Until next time,
Je t’aime ma chère Kathy