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A tip for my friends authoring books, hire Carole King

Dear Reader,

Carole KingI know a lot of PHP developers writing books. One thing I have noticed about the authors of the books I have looked at – and not just about books I have written – is that many of us are better programmers than writers. I am particularly horribly at spelling and grammar, as those who have read anything of mine will attest to. Even if you are well versed in the English language, you still need someone to go behind you and double check you work, you will miss things. My advice to every author and every programmer thinking about becoming an author, hire an great editor.

It always amuses me when I talk to potential authors and they think that “writing a book is free and easy”. No, writing things that are free and easy is usually called blogging. If you are creating a book, especially if you are expecting others to pay you for it, you have to invest in a few things. None of them are more important in my eyes than an editor.

I’ve used several editors over the years and have come to settle on one, Carole King. Carole is editing my current work-in-progress and is doing a great job. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is professional, and affordable. Most importantly though, she is thorough, that’s what you really want in an editor. Carole won’t pretend to be your friend. She is a very a nice person, but if you like your editor, they probably aren’t doing their job well enough. A good editor will drive you up the wall, and Carole is a good editor. Since Carole is not a programmer, she won’t critique your work technically. She concentrates on one thing, making sure your work is grammatically sound.

Do yourself a favor. Drop Carole an email today and see if she has the availability to help you with your current writing project. You won’t be sorry.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

p.s. I am not being compensated by Carole in any way for this blog post. This is from the heart.