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Create a body of work

Dear Reader,

Q: What is the best way to convince a potential employer or client that you can do the job?

A: Show them that you have already.

Every developer should have a public portfolio of code that they have written and can explain. That last part is important, we will talk about it in a second.

You should have a profile on a social coding site (I like with examples of your code and real-world projects you have created. “Coding Examples” are great, usually these are highly polished pieces of code. Developers take the time to make sure they meet relevant coding standards, demonstrate knowledge of current best practices, and generally just show off. This is great and you need these in your portfolio.

You also need real-world examples. In the real world, compromises have to be made, you can’t always do it the right way, sometimes you have to do it “the only way that works”. That is what potential employers/clients want to see. They want to see that you can make the hard decisions and trade-offs when necessary.

When you do make those trade-offs, you need to be able to explain and defend them. You need to be able to articulate the why and not just show the how. This lets the potential employer/client know that it was a conscious decision and not just blind luck.

Make sure your body of work showcases the real you, because that is what they really want to hire.

Until next time,
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