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Crafting a conference proposal

Dear Reader,

Recently on twitter, @johncongdon asked me about proposals for conferences. Specifically, he asked if I had any examples that I can share because he was considering submitting to a conference. While I don’t have any examples to share, I can give you some advice on the topic.

First things first

Read Tips on how to get accepted as a speaker at a PHP conference, if you haven’t already. The process of getting accepted starts a lot earlier than the proposal, you need to lay the groundwork first.

An entirely unscientific look at why people attend conferences.

Dear Reader,

Those of you who follow me on twitter (@calevans) know that recently I asked for opinions on conference attendance. I’ve collected what I learned in this blog post.

Who I asked


First I asked my friends who were speakers why they attended. I got a lot of good answers but most were variations of “…because someone else picks up the tab.” :) (It should be noted that of the speakers I asked, only one was a professional speaker who collects a fee and even he attends some conferences just because they are fun)