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Are Your Painters Standing around While You Pick Out Colors?

I’m a lucky man. I get to talk with a lot of developers and web development shops. No matter where in the world I am, one constant refrain I hear is, “Yep, we are done with the site, waiting on the client now to write the content.” OK, so most of my European friends don’t say, “Yep,” but you get the idea. Consistently, content is the last part of the equation in a website and one of the speed bumps many developers hit in deploying a website on time.

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Dear Reader,

(YES! It’s been a long time since I blogged, why is another story for another time)

elePHPant plans his schedule for ZendCon 08elePHPant World Tour is now live! This was an idea Ivo and I came up with one day while chatting. Here’s the basic premise. It seems obvious that elePHPants love to travel. Equally obvious is the fact that a lot of PHP developers love to take pictures. So, let’s combine the two. If you spot an elePHPant while traveling, like near a landmark, or making it’s way through the airport, snap a picture. Upload it to flickr and tag it with ewt08. Thanks in no small part to a bit of Web 2.0 magic and WordPress, we’ll steal the picture from flickr and post it on the blog.

In January, the ever versatile and talented crew from will look at all the pictures posted and pick the best one. (Best being a highly subjective term) The winner will get a prize package that, while is not complete yet, is described on the about us page.

So get in on the fun. Make sure you always have your camera with you because as you travel, you never know where you will spot them. (It also helps if you carry a spare elePHPant n case you are at a picturesque site and there’s not one just roaming about)

Hey, if you work for a company trying to reach PHP developers, and want to give a little link love and good will from the community, drop me a line. We’d love to have you as a sponsor and all it will cost you is a prize for the prize pool.

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