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Win free SQLYog!

Dear Reader,

[UPDATE: This contest is now over. Thanks to my friends at SQLYog for the licenses and congratulations to the winners.]

My buddies over at SQLYog asked me the other day what they could do to help spread the word about the Enterprise version fo SQLyg and how cool it is to the PHP community. (For a detailed description of how cool it is, see my recent post “SQLYog – A Superficial Review“) I told them what I tell everyone, free is good!

European WinPHP Challenge

Dear Reader,

Over at Ibuildings, we are working with our buddies Microsoft and LeaseWeb on a PHP programming contest, the European WinPHP Challenge. If you live in Europe and code in PHP you really need to register and participate in the contest.

I’d give you all the details and list the fabulous prizes available but I’d rather you go visit the contest homepage and find out for yourself.

I hope all my European friends will jump in and participate!

Until next time,