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Core Values

Dear Reader,

I spent time this week reading the employee handbook for the company I for whom I work. At this company, the handbook starts with a statement of the eight company core values, and an explanation of each. These core values are so important to the culture of the company that they are recorded in the one document that every employee must read and agree to before beginning work.

I’ve worked at companies who have had core values before.

One company’s core value was “Over promise and over deliver”. This is great for sales people, but when developers take it to heart it resulted in 80-100 hour work weeks because someone else over promised and they had to over deliver.

Another company wrote the core values in chalk in the break room. It struck more than one employee that the core values were expressed in an erasable medium.

All of this has forced me to reflect on my own personal core values.

My reflection is a work in progress.

It is important to me though that I know my core values, and that – more importantly – I live my core values. (something I’ve not always done)

Until next time,
I <3 |<