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Five influencers you should thank this year for making the PHP community so awesome

Thank You by Adi RespatiDear Reader,

It is no surprise to anyone who has talked to me for more than five minutes that I think the PHP community is the most vibrant and engaging developer community out there. So as we approach the end of the year, I am going to list out the influencers that help keep this community at the top. These are the people that you need to seek out and thank because without them, the PHP community would not be what it is today.

5: Core Developers

Let’s face it, without PHP, there would be no PHP community. So the influencer you need to reach out to and thank is any person you know or know of that has contributed to the Core. I’m going to also include all those who contribute to the manual. PHP is a great language and it has a great manual.

4: User Group Leaders

User Group leaders are awesome because every month they organize their small corner of the community. They do this because they believe in the community. It is largely a thankless job. Rarely do people stop to say thank you when it goes great. Trust me though, if something goes wrong, they hear about it. Reach out to your local PHP User Group leader and thank them for all they do for the PHP community.

3: Conference Organizers

If you have never organized a conference then you have no idea how much work it is to put one on. Whether it is a commercial conference or a community conference, the time and effort is largely the same. PHP is blessed with some great conferences both commercial and community. Take some time this week to reach out to those who organize your favorite conference and tell them how much you appreciate it. Let them know if something you learned at their conference had a positive effect  on your life.

2:Conference Speakers, Bloggers, and Teachers

Preparing a technical talk, tutorial length blog post, or a class that teaches something meaningful is a difficult process. Many people will spend weeks or even a month working on a single talk that is over in 60 minutes. These people do this largely to help others learn. They share what they have learned so that other developers can understand. If you know someone who regularly speaks, blogs, or teaches in the PHP community, reach out to them and tell them thank you.

1:Any developer using PHP

All of us together make up the PHP community. If you write code in PHP – for your day job, for your side projects, for whatever – you are part of the PHP community. Instead of urging you to say thank you to other developers though, I am going to take this time to say thank you to you.

If you write code in PHP, thank you.

  • Thank you for choosing PHP
  • Thank you for using it to create cool things
  • Thank you for helping make PHP power over half of the web.

Wrap Up

If you were looking for a list of 5 specific people to follow/thank/put on a pedestal, that’s not what I do. The PHP community is about all of us, not an elite few.

As you are winding down your 2014 and thinking back, think back to the PHP community members that have had a positive impact on your life and/or career and reach out to them personally to say thank you.  Make sure though you take time to reflect on the PHP community as a whole. Take a moment and tweet or Facebook a thanks to the entire community for being such a welcoming and awesome community. Then go get involved in your local PUG.


Until next time,
I <3 |<


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Thank you by Adi Respati