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MySQL Workbench – A Superficial Review

Dear Reader,

MySQL Workbench Splash screen
Those of you who know me, know I am an old school database guy. One of the things I miss from my pre-web programming days is sitting down with an Entity-Relationship Diagramming tool and painting a picture of the database I want for my application. Since moving to MySQL as my primary database, I’ve tried out several ERDs. I’ve loved at least one, hated most others for either lack of features or price tag – or both – or been generally just unimpressed. Recently I got an email from MySQL saying the latest version of their ERD tool had been released. Honestly, it had been a while since I had taken a look at it so I thought maybe I’d give it a go. Below is what I consider a very superficial review of this tool and a couple of conclusions, both good and bad.