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Live from DrupalCamp Nashville

Dear Reader,

image I’m sitting here in a session at DrupalCamp Nashville on the Vandy campus. The day has been great and the Nashville Drupelars should be commended for running such a great camp. From a conference organizer PoV, this camp has run smoothly. The Wi-Fi is rock solid, the sessions start on time and the topics have been interesting.

Bluecoast Burrito catered lunch and it was great. Not only was the food good but there was no waiting on them to replenish the food.

The facility, Owen Graduate School of Management, on the Vanderbilt campus is a great venue for events less than 150. The rooms are nice and there is power at almost every seat.

As with any camp, the speakers are a mixed bag. I have truly enjoyed several of the sessions and learned some interesting new things about Drupal. There have been however, some not so good sessions and at leat one #epochFail. That’s what you get when you go to a camp. I love that aspect, even if it means I sit through a bad session or two.

All in all though, today has been a great day. Thanks Jamie!

Until next time,
I <3 |<

A Flex 3 custom events primer

Dear Reader,

I am a web developer. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve done serious desktop application development. So when I fire up Flex Builder to write my first AIR application, it takes a while for things to start coming back to me. One of the things that is only now starting to come back is Event Driven Programming.

This past week I decided to start working on a small project to scratch a personal itch. The project itself fizzled but I learned something none-the-less. I learned how to create custom events in Flex 3.

The project required selecting a file for processing. Flex 3 has a control for actually opening the dialog box and selecting the file but no control that shows the button and the selected file name.