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Apple, Twitter, and Digital Sharecropping

Bunny SnugglesDear Reader,

Recently Apple and Twitter have made the news. Apple pissed off it’s “media partners” by reinventing their business model for them and clamping down on subscriptions that they didn’t get a piece of. Twitter pissed off its developers by telling them “So long and thanks for all the fish” in a posting in their developer group. Raffi Krikorian later clarified by saying, “we don’t think there are
as many business opportunities in making a piece of software that
*simply* renders any of our timeline methods” Apparently, they have hired Tony Soprano as head of developer relations. In both cases, a company has decided that a the infrastructure it has built is more important than the creative individuals that help make that network valuable. Basically, both companies have said “deal with it, bitches!” to a group that thought they were very important. (and you really have to hear ElizabethN say that before you really get the full impact.)