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Seeing Microsoft in the big picture

Dear Reader,

Disclosure: I work with Blue Parabola, Microsoft is a customer of Blue Parabola. Blue Parabola also puts on the TEK series of conferences.

It seems like every six months or so I write a pro-Microsoft post. It’s not really on purpose, it just seems like two to three times a year they remind me that there are pools of brilliance in that company, even if they are surrounded by oceans of stupidity.

This post’s catalyst

I have a lot of contact with Microsoft due to my job. However, most of it is at a detail level where it is easy to lose the big picture. It wasn’t until TEK·X and the session Tips & Tricks to get the most of PHP with IIS, Windows, and the Windows Azure Cloud by
Sumit Chawla & Kanwaljeet Singla that I got a glimpse of the big picture again. I began to see all of Microsoft’s efforts together as one, instead of seeing them as a series of individual efforts.

Side Note: If I had paid attention to Ruslan Yakushev’s webcast, “Making PHP faster on IIS“, I probably would have written this post earlier.