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Father’s Day: …and God spoke

Dear Reader,Jerry Evans in the late 60s, Early 70s. About the time that this story took place.

I am back home in Mobile, AL for a few weeks transitioning between Nashville, TN and Southern Florida. As such, the lovely and talented Kathy and I attended church with my mother.

My mother is a woman who not only married a man who went into the ministry, but one who has spent most of the Sundays I have known her in a choir robe. She understands the importance of the musical portion of a worship service.

The importance of the musical portion of a worship service was impressed on me from a very early age.  Today, I actually had to remind my mother – and my wife – of the importance of this part of the service as they happily chatted it away. When I had had enough, quietly leaned over and reminded my mother of this story…didn’t hear a word out of them the rest of the service.

On this Father’s day – with my father looking down from heaven and and I sure laughing uproariously – I want to share with you one of the many “teaching moments” he gave me in my life.

“…and God spoke”

Thank you, Dad. :)

Until next time,
I <3 |<

p.s. J.C., I got the card. Thanks for the laugh. :)

Happy Father’s Day

Dear Reader,

I have never considered myself a great father. The fact that my kids grew up happy, healthy and only slightly outside of societal norms can be attributed to the lovely and talented Kathy more than myself. The best that I can say is that my dad, as good as he was, was flawed. I’m better in some ways than him, worse in others and flawed in different ways. I am praying that my son, if he becomes a father, learns from my mistakes and is a better father than I. If nothing else, I hope his flaws are different from mine.

I do, however, know some men that I consider to be great examples to those of us who are fathers. I won’t name names because my point is not to call anyone out or embarrass them. I tell you about them because they deserve to be celebrated.