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Flyte World Dining and Wine

Dear Reader,

I don’t think I have ever done a restaurant review on this blog so this will be a first.

The story so far…

This story started back in early May. Every now and then I like to take the lovely and talented Kathy out to a nice restaurant, most of the time to one a little more expensive than we can afford but hey, she is worth it. In early May, I chose Flyte World Dining and Wine, (@FlyteNashville) knowing her burgeoning love for wine. I made reservations through their online booking service and we went. The food was impeccable, the service outstanding, the only real complaint I had was that they sat the two of us at a table that shared a back bench with two other tables. To each side of us were large parties. The result was that neither Kathy nor myself could hear ourselves think. I asked the seating hostess to move us to a more secluded table as this was a romantic tryst but I was told that all the tables were reserved; even though clearly 1/2 the restaurant was empty.

We finished our meal and even though every other detail was great, the noise level left us unsatisfied and convinced that it just wasn’t out kind of restaurant.