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The EICC Report for PHP User Group Leaders

Dear Reader,

Hi all!

Ok, I’ve got new news, old news, and freebies.

[I originally tried to post this to the UG Amins list but because of the restrictions put on any list hosted at, I could not. I tried 4 times, the last time with nothing that looked like a domain name. So instead of fighting with it anymore, I’m just posting it here. We REALLY need to move the UG Admins list off of that domain.]


As a PUG leader, you are always welcome to attend any Nomad PHP meeting for free. Go to the website, scroll to the bottom, there is a link just for you. :) Just pick the meeting you want to attend, and submit the form. Want to attend more than one, submit more than once. Want to attend them all, submit once for each time. We won’t turn you down. it is our small way of saying thank you for the hard work you put into Nomad PHP.
Day Camp 4 Developers ( ) STRINGS ATTACHED
The next DC4D is now public and we need your help getting the word out. If you would please send an email to your list letting them know that tickets are now available for “Day Camp 4 Developers:Public Speaking for Developers II” we would appreciate it. Once you have sent the email to your list, forward me a copy of the email and I’ll send you a coupon for a free ticket to the event. You can use it yourself or raffle it off to your group.
Raffle Items FREEBIE
Do you need things to raffle off to your user group? Let me know. I will give you coupons to any of my e-books ( if it will help. Also, I’m happy to give you a ticket or two to Nomad PHP to give away as well.
The CFP Report ( I NEED HELP
Ok, this request is in two parts.

PUG leaders
Would you please include a notice about The CFP Report in your next newsletter? (thecfpreport [dot] com ) Let your members who are interested in speaking know about it. There is no charge for The CFP Report and I don’t ever intend for there to be one. it is just my way of helping to increase the speaker pool.

Conf Organisers
If you run a conference, I would appreciate it if you would include a short paragraph in your rejection letters. Nobody likes to get rejection letters but if you offer people a ray of hope, they dislike it a bit less. This is something I’ve tried to do for the past 10 years. So if you could include something like this sample paragraph in your rejection letters, you could help them and me. (win-win-win) :)

Sample Paragraph
There are several things you can do to increase the odds of you being selected as a speaker, one of them is to keep applying and not get discouraged. To help you do this, our friend Cal Evans has setup a free service called “The CFP Report” ( Each week you will get an email with all the CFPs that are open, along with important information about the conference to help you decide if you should apply or not. We encourage you to subscribe to The CFP Report, find other CFPs to submit to, and next year when you see ours pop up, submit again. Remember, this email isn’t a “NO”, it’s a “not now”.



Ok, that’s all I’ve got for you this time. As always, if there is anything I can do to help you or your PUG, please don’t hesitate to ask. :)

If you haven’t yet, make sure you register your group with! Every PUG should be on that list.


Until next time
I <3 |<

Win free SQLYog!

Dear Reader,

[UPDATE: This contest is now over. Thanks to my friends at SQLYog for the licenses and congratulations to the winners.]

My buddies over at SQLYog asked me the other day what they could do to help spread the word about the Enterprise version fo SQLyg and how cool it is to the PHP community. (For a detailed description of how cool it is, see my recent post “SQLYog – A Superficial Review“) I told them what I tell everyone, free is good!