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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Reader,

For the first time in my married life, I find myself separated from the lovely and talented Kathy on Valentine’s Day. This is an odd experience for me as I consider Valentines Day to be the third most holy day on the calendar. A lot of people ask me about that comment, why and exactly what I mean by it.

Like most modern holidays, Valentine’s Day has been overrun by crass commercialism. Many think that it was a holiday invented by the Greeting card industry but wikipedia tells a different story. Regardless of it’s origins, Valentine’s day has come to be a day of expressing your love for someone else.

In the US, our driven lifestyle means that a lot of important things get dropped by the wayside. I know I am guilty of ignoring a lot of important friendships and relationships in my life. (I really am a horrible friend) So when we set aside a day just to honor the one relationship in our lives that is, or should be, the most important then yes, I think we should take it very seriously.

Given the distance between us at the moment and the current economic situation, I did not get the lovely and talented Kathy a gift this year. Instead I wrote her the first of what I hope to be many poems to come this year.

So this year, besides a cheesy poem, my gift to Kathy are these promises.

  • I promise that I will spend today thinking about our relationship.I will think about the mistakes I’ve made and find ways to not make them any more. I think about the things (or maybe thing) I did right this year and try to do more things like that.
  • I promise to find a way to make you smile each day.
  • I promise to find ways to make you fall in love with me all over each and every day.

I love you Kathy.

Until next time,