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Humility: Part 2

Dear Reader,

In Humility: Part 1, I talked about a recent event that humbled me. In Part 2, I want to share another event that has shaken me and in this case, shaken a lot of arrogance out of me.

I am a Scuba Diver. In doing the work to earn my PADI Dive Master Certification, I was humbled yet again.

Part of the test is the “Dive Master Complex Problem”. I will not describe the problem, but a team of candidates have to solve a problem, underwater.

In 10 years of diving, I have always been comfortable with my skills. I’ve done things that pushed the rules before, but never anything that pushed me mentally and physically beyond my limits. The “Dive Master Complex Problem” pushed me past my limits. Even though I was in a pool and in less than 6 ft of water, I twice panicked and shot to the surface.

For someone who prides himself in his diving abilities, it was truly a humbling experience. It has fundamentally changed my outlook on diving and on my skill level.

Humility is a good thing. I’ve come through this test (Yes, I passed. No, not with flying colors)  and I am a better diver for it. If I decide to go for my Instructor’s Certification, I know that this lesson will shape how I teach people to dive. Yes, diving can literally be a life or death situation when things go wrong. Now, because I have been a panicked diver, I really understand that.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

Humility: Part 1

Dear Reader,

I suffer from an overabundance of confidence. Two events though have shaken that recently. First, I was fired.

Many men of my era have their identity wrapped up in being a productive member of society and being the provider for their family. Being fired shook me to my core. Especially being fired as a developer, my primary vocation.

It has taken me a long time to come to grips with this event. At first it was humiliating. I’m not saying it is not still, but I am learning  to accept it, to get back up on my feet, to start moving forward again.

Humiliation is a good thing. It has forced me to take a long hard look at myself.  I know I will get a job again, I will be contributing again, and I will once again be providing for my family. I know that this too will pass. But I want the person that comes through this trial to be a better person than the one that went in.

If not, that means I did not learn, I did not grow, and I will be here again.

Until next time
I <3 |<