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Father’s Day: …and God spoke

Dear Reader,Jerry Evans in the late 60s, Early 70s. About the time that this story took place.

I am back home in Mobile, AL for a few weeks transitioning between Nashville, TN and Southern Florida. As such, the lovely and talented Kathy and I attended church with my mother.

My mother is a woman who not only married a man who went into the ministry, but one who has spent most of the Sundays I have known her in a choir robe. She understands the importance of the musical portion of a worship service.

The importance of the musical portion of a worship service was impressed on me from a very early age.  Today, I actually had to remind my mother – and my wife – of the importance of this part of the service as they happily chatted it away. When I had had enough, quietly leaned over and reminded my mother of this story…didn’t hear a word out of them the rest of the service.

On this Father’s day – with my father looking down from heaven and and I sure laughing uproariously – I want to share with you one of the many “teaching moments” he gave me in my life.

“…and God spoke”

Thank you, Dad. :)

Until next time,
I <3 |<

p.s. J.C., I got the card. Thanks for the laugh. :)