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Can I Afford This Job?

Money by Andrew MagillDear Reader,

Here is a quote job post I saw recently.

They are offering competitive salaries, benefits (vacation, medical, dental, vision), a 401k plan, as well as a fun collaborative working environment (catered food truck lunches, theme park outings, big charity events and more).

Sounds interesting right? If I am a Junior developer making squat or near squat, I am interested. However, if I am a Mid-range developer, Senior developer, or a System Architect – or if I am a developer with a family that depends on my salary and I have a minimum salary requirement – I’m conflicted.

Do I bother to apply? Are there other signals I can use to deduce whether this will be a waste of my time or not? What is “competitive salaries”? Who are they competing with? If they are competing with fast food restaurants, that’s going to be a different number than if they are competing with investment banking companies.

As a hiring manager you haven’t done your job. You have told me how great the job is, but you’ve not answered the question “Can I afford to take this job?”.

As my friend Sean Coats pointed out in the comments of “The secret to writing a job post to attract PHP developers”, salary is important when deciding whether to apply for a job.

Help developers pre-qualify themselves for your positions. Save yourself the time and aggravation of interviewing someone only to find that they can’t afford to take the job. Help developers answer the question “Can I afford this job?”. Put a salary range on your job post.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

Photo Credit: Money by Andrew Magill
Used under CC license

The secret to writing a job post to attract PHP developers

8505316460_78d0abaf5b_mDear Reader,

Is your company trying to hire a developer? Are you a recruiter responsible for helping your client hire a PHP developer? Do you have a job post out on the net? Get this one thing right and you’ll find your PHP developer.



Yes, that’s the entire secret; keep it simple. Make it easy for us to scan, easy for us to understand, easy for us to figure out how to apply.

  • You don’t impress us with big words you don’t understand.
  • Don’t use semantically null terms like “business quality”. You don’t know what that means any more than we do.
  • If you are using technical terms, please have a developer review the post to make sure you use them correctly.
  • List the absolute minimum skills to get the job. Don’t use a shotgun, use a sniper rifle.
  • BONUS TIP FOR RECRUITERS: Honestly, we don’t care that much about your agency, we are interested in the job. Don’t take up precious room at the top of the ad trying to sell us on your agency. Tell us about the job.

Until next time,
I <3 |<


Photo Credit: Keep it simple by elPadawan
Used under CC