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Life doesn’t have to be great to be good

Dear Reader,

I’ll be the first to admin that I am not living the life I thought I would. Growing up I had dreams of being a millionaire and living the good life. Working when I wanted to and on what I wanted to. I’m probably not alone in this.

My life didn’t turn out that way. I’ve always been able to provide for my family, sometimes better than other times, but we never went hungry, but it’s not exactly la vida loca. :)

Instead of constantly longing for what I don’t have though, I’ve learned as I got older that I cab be happy with what I’ve got.

  • I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • I have two wonderful children that, thanks to their mother’s genes, are very smart and talented
  • I have a dog

Life is good.

Could it be better? I’m sure it could. At some point though, I began to realize that instead of spending my time constantly working and scheming to get more stuff, I could spend the time I have left on this planet just enjoying what I have.

Life is good. Yes, if I worked at it, I could make life great. But then I would have less time to enjoy it. So I’ll stick with good.

Until next time,
I<3 |<

Don’t HAVE an awesome day, MAKE it an awesome day!

Dear Reader,

PM: “GOOD MORNING! How is everybody today?”


That’s how our daily stand-ups start more often than not.

Most days do not start out as “awesome” for me. They start out like they do for you, dragging my increasing old butt out of bed to spend another day bending computers to do my bidding.

I found out years ago though that my outlook on the day improved exponentially if I started the day off in a great mood, even if I’m faking it.

So these days when anyone asks “How’s it going?” I answer with a variation of “AWESOME!”.

It’s not for them. It’s not so that they feel bad because they are still only 1 cup of coffee in today and it looks like I’m on my 4th.

It’s for me. My days are better when I decide it is going to be a good day instead of letting others decide for me.

Decide that today is going to be a good day. You will probably be surprised when it is. :)

Until next time,
I <3 |<