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Why I teach

Dear reader,

I am a selfish person. I do not generally like to share my time with anyone and would rather spend it doing the things I love like video games and scuba diving. However, I owe a debt that I am honor bound to repay.

I am where I am in life because others helped me get here. Yes, I am a self-taught programmer, I mean that in the traditional way of I have no formal training in software development. But self-taught does not mean that I did it all myself. I learned from others. I read their blogs, I listened to their podcasts, I went to their conference sessions. I did the learning, but others all around me taught, mentored, and generally lifted me up to where I am.

Knowing this, I spend a portion of every day trying to help others. Some efforts are more successful than others, but as long as I am trying, I am paying back the debt I owe.

Others sacrificed so I can be where I am. It is my duty to sacrifice so that I can lift the next generation of developers up higher than I could go. To lift them up on my shoulders so that they can stand there and see further than I ever could.

Until next time,
I <3 |<