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I will not draw Tippy!

Dear Reader,

I write this as an unemployed programmer. This is not me looking down from above on those looking for a job and passing judgement. This is me out there on the mean streets looking for a job.

I’ve had more than a few interviews in the past month and have more coming up. Only one of them though has required me to complete a “programming task”. I am ashamed to admit that yes, I took the test, I submitted my code for an asinine task so they could review it. I have no idea if it was because of my code, or the interview but they decided “to consider other candidates”.

That’s it for me. I will continue to look for a good job. I will continue to do contract work untl I find the right job But I will no longer “Draw Tippy“. (Sorry, I couldn’t find a Creative Commons version of the picture to include)

I am a developer with a public body of work. If you want to see how I solve real-world problems (and not something contrived with the fibonacci sequence) then check out my Github repo. There’s enough code there to give you a good idea of my skills.

More than just wasting hours of developers time though, as someone who has hired developers before I do not see the value in a coding test. Yes, I know Joel Spolsky uses them and he has hired a lot more developers than me. Still, we’ll have to agree to disagree on this. I’ve hired developers before, I’ve built great teams, and never once have I had to resort to the crutch of a programming test.

A hiring manager should be able to complete the following tasks for any serious candidate.

  • Clone a repo
  • Read the code
  • Understand the problems being solved
  • Determine if the developer did a good job

If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t be hiring developers, period. Also, if you personally can’t do these tasks, I’m probably a bad fit for your team.

So that’s it. As much as I want a job and want to work at a great company. I will not draw tippy for you. On the fence about me? Offer me a 30 day contract. (I used to do that as part of the hiring process I describe in “Nerd Herding”)

If you are still interested in hiring me, email me, find me on twitter, or irc. I’m all over the place. I’d love to help you build great software.

Until next time,
I <3 |<