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Calling All (US and Canadian) PHP Devs!

Dear Reader,

A friend of mine wrote me yesterday asking for a little help reaching the PHP community. Since I know a few of you and each of you know a few others, I thought maybe together we could help get the word out.

My friend, Esther Schindler, is working on a project and needs PHP developers to fill out a quick survey. The survey asks you questions regarding the company you work for, your role, what types of applications you develop, which open source platforms you develop on, what types of customers you serve, your pricing model, etc. All the the stuff you would expect when you hear the term “Market Research”. None of the questions reveal any sensitive information or competitive intelligence but there may be a question or two that you don’t know or may not want to share. (There weren’t for me but hey, I’m just that kinda guy.) And of course, all your personal information will be kept confidential.