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WordPress Training. Who needs it?

Dear Reader,

[DISCLOSURE: I work with php|architect. php|architect has a WordPress Essentials class]

I’ve been using WordPress since 2005 when I started blogging. I used to write plugins for it back in the 1.5/1.6 days and just recently stepped back into that role and wrote a plugin that should be announced soon. (Super secret, can’t talk about it yet, etc.) As a side note, writing a plugin has come a long way! the new way hooks and options page stuff is pretty cool and once you understand it, makes simple plugins real easy.

Is training on WordPress necessary?

Has WordPress become so simple that it requires no training? Honestly, if you are a PHP developer already, yes, it is that simple. Ok, so the code isn’t OO and that drives a lot of purists up the wall but at the end of the day, it’s functional and that’s what is important. Like PHP itself, WordPress is a tool that lets you get the job done.

In 5 years of blogging I can’t remember not being able to bend WordPress to my will. The problem I have as a developer these days is that there are so many plugins for it that it’s hard to come up with an idea that has not been done and done well. (Again, I just finished one that I’m real proud of but can’t talk about it yet…squeeeeeeeeee)

However, I do have a lot of friends who blog but are not PHP programmers. Answering for those people, I would say, yes, it does require a bit of training and assistance to really get the most out of WordPress. As I mentioned before there are a lot of extensions to choose from. Currently lists 8,792 plugins available and not all authors put their plugins in that repository. For any given idea, a developer should be able to easily flip through the available plugins, select one or two, review the code and make sure it’s well written and get the best extension for the job up and running. Non-developers however, don’t always have the knowledge to select the best. tries to help with ratings and telling you what version it was developed for and tested on but those don’t always ensure a smooth install.

So where do you get help with WordPress?

Even though I’ve had my hands deep insides the bowels of WordPress many times in the past five years, even so, there are times I still have to turn to people for help. There are also times when people I know turn to me for help and I just don’t have the bandwidth to help. In both of these situations, I usually end up turning to a short list of friends.

Mitch Canter
Mitch “studionashvegas” Canter has been my WordPress go-to guy for a few years now for non-coding issues. He’s a wealth of knowledge on things like the best plugins to use, themeing issues and jsut about anything WordPress related.
Aaron Brazell
I will admit that Aaron and I only know each other online and have only recently met. However, his depth of technical knowledge on WordPress is fast making him one of my regulars to bug with questions. He is also the author of WordPress Bible, an essential tome if you are serious about programming for WordPress.

What about WordPress training courses?

Honestly, there are only two places I can recommend for training. Which one you choose depends largely on how you learn.

If you learn best by watching videos, you will want to check out I’ve never used them but the lovely and talented Kathy has had an account there for a while and likes their content. Their courses are well put together and informative.

If you learn best by live instruction, php|architect has a course, “WordPress Essentials” taught by Steve Fisher. I helped design this course so I am partial to it. It’s for non-PHP developers who want to squeeze the most out of their blogs.

Wrapping it up

So to answer the question I started with, is training on WordPress really necessary, the answer has to be “It depends”. WordPress is a great platform and for the most part, a forgiving platform. So if you have the time and are willing to make the mistakes and recover, no training is not necessary. However, if your passion is your blog and not tinkering with your blog then yes, a training course will help you get going quickly, avoid the potholes and spend more time on what is important to you.

Until next time,
I <3 |<