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Follow Friday for 09/09/2011

Dear Reader

Follow Friday is a time honored Twitter tradition. The only problem is that some people give me 5 people they think I should follow without any reason WHY I should follow them. I’ve done Follow Friday on and off , usually when the mood strikes me but I’ve fallen into the same trap. Why should you follow someone just because I say follow them.

So I’m going to break out of the mold of 140 characters and give you someone to consider following and why.

My Follow Friday for today is Laura Thomson (@lxt)

I first met Laura at OSCON 2006, while I was working at Zend. She graciously allowed me to interview her and was one of the original 12 PHP trading cards I created. She was later featured in the PHP Community playing card deck we created at Zend.

Since then, we’ve both moved on to bigger and better things. Laura is now working at Mozilla and is usually the one I gripe at when FireFox crashes. :) (Not like it ever crashes on me.)

Laura doesn’t tweet much (well, compared to me, most people don’t tweet much) but when she does, I have a tendency to listen. She’s smart and witty and that’s the reason I follow her and suggest you do the same.

Oh and Larua is also the creator of the economic index that I use to gauge the economy by, “The T-Shirt Economic Index“. :)



Until next time,
I <3 |<