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Twilio Quick-hit

Dear Reader,

UPDATE: I got a tweet from @twilio, they have updated the documentation. I’m leaving this blog post here to remind me but the docs now tell you the default encoding.

Ok, so I finally found a project that would let me play with twilio. I’ll post more about the project later. However, there is one thing that I wanted to blog – more for me than you.

When you record something in twilio, the default encoding is WAV.

Now if you read the TwiML docs for <Record> this fact is not mentioned at all. (They spend a lot of space up-selling their transcription service but no space at all talking about the default encoding) However, in twilio REST documentation they make a point to tell you this. If you read it, you find out that you can actually request the file as an mp3 and twilio will encode it for you if you like. That is way cool.

Overall, I really like twilio. Outside of the encoding issue, it took me about 3 hours to whip up my little application. I’ll blog about the application next week and maybe do a blog talking about both twilio and tropo now that I’ve used them both.

Until next time,
I <3 |<