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Almost Famous!

Dear Reader,

Today in #phpc (…drop by and say hi!) Ben Ramsey pointed me to this blog on being starstruck at php|works. He blogged it and the conversation that ensued. However, I wanted to add one point.

I know all the people mentioned in that blog and not one of them (us) considers ourselves anything other than damn lucky to be able to do something we love for a living. I’ve run with some other development crowds (back in the day I was a minor footnote in the FoxPro community as well) but I can honestly say I’ve never met a more humble group of souls than the PHP community.

It used to astonish me too that I could sit at the same table as people like Sara, Wez, Ben, Andrei, Terry and Patrick. (feel the love bro) . Then I got to know them and found out that none of them feel that they are stars in their own mind, the are just doing what they love doing. That’s the kind of people I like hanging around. Since I know my boss occasionally reads my blog, I’ll say publically what I’ve said to you privatly for a while now. Thanks for the coolest job I’ve ever had.

Andrew Collington you were as much of a star at that table as anyone else there. It was great meeting you and I hope you’ll become a regular in the community. (but seriously, thanks for the ego stroke!) :)

Until next time,