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PodcampNashville ’10 take-aways

Dear Reader,

The dust has settled, the swag-bag has been rifled through and the drink tickets have all been exchanged for various combinations of kool-aid and vodka.

Since I can’t find any of my Microsoft friends who can can me into the beta for the new Microsoft Courier, I had to go old school and take notes in my Moleskine. Flipping open my tattered journal and thumbing through my notes, I realized I had a few really good takeaways from PodcampNasville. Here are my top 3

Podcamp Nashville ’10 Review

Dear Reader,

Today was the day! Podcamp Nashville 2010, downtown Nashville at the Cadillac Ranch. As always with the Nashville camps, overall it was great experience. The sessions were quality with speakers like Mitch Canter and Kate Gallagher. It was great to meet some new friends and catch up with some old ones.

Podcasting 101 slides

Dear Reader,

Well podCampNashville is in the can and what a wonderful time we had. I got to meet C.C. Chapman, Joseph Jaffe and a bunch of other cool people. I also got to see my pld boss Paul van Hosen, whom I never get to see anymore except at *CampNashville.

For those who wanted copies, here are my slides. I hope you enjoyed the presentation.

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Until next time,