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Burger With Relish And Fries

Dear Reader,

In diving we teach BWRAF. It’s a memory device for the checklist a diver has to go through before they dive.

  • Burger = BCD/Buoyancy
  • With = Weights
  • Relish = Releases
  • And = Air
  • Fries = Friend

Once your gear is setup, you run the checklist. The first 4 points remind you how to check your gear. The last one reminds you to check your dive buddy’s gear as well.

Why bother? Because underwater, if something goes wrong, people can literally die. To keep us safe, those that have been diving for a long time have learned that checking your gear before each dive can literally save lives. So we drill BWRAF into student divers until they are sick of hearing they instructor say it.

In programming, we have BWRAF concepts like this. SOLID, DRY, etc. We don’t teach them because we enjoy acronyms, we teach them because the concepts are important to a successful and maintainable project.

When programmers decide the wisdom of the previous generation is not worth learning, they are like divers who dive without first reciting BWRAF.

Sure, it’s possible that things will be ok, but are you willing to bet your project on it?

Until next time,
I <3 |<