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Why won’t you call me?

Dear Reader,

I have exactly 1 friend who is an IT recruiter. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of them and even speak to most of them but in my entire circle of friends, only one of them is a recruiter, Scott “The Anti Pimp” Gordon. Scott isn’t like other recruiters, which is probably why we get along so well. He’s rude, brash, more than a little profane, most of all though, he understands how to talk to developers.

Recently Scott posted on his blog one of his usual rants, “I could care less what they say….“. The post itself, while interesting, does not really stand out among Scott’s posts; it’s good, not great. However, it seems to have set-off another recruiter who felt it necessary to comment on the post and even exchange emails with Scott about the subject matter. Scroll down after you have read the blog post and read the comments, paying special attention to the exchange between MattyMatt and Scott. Go ahead, read them, I’ll wait.

Ok, if you’ve read them then this blog post is about 2 things that come out of that conversation that exchange.