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I’ve been quoted again!

Dear Reader,

My friend – and Day Camp 4 Developers Camp Counselor alumni – Thursday Bram quoted me in her most recent article for Distracted Enterprise, Time to Disconnect: 5 Ways You Can Avoid Being Disturbed on Vacation. In the article, I talk about my trip to Bonair last year and how I successfully disconnected for a week despite working closely with Zend on ZendCon and planning the very first DC4D.

Four others contributed their tips as well to this interesting and short read.

Until next time,
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Perception and Telecommuting

Dear Reader,

“You are responsible for how others perceive you.”
– Jim Turner

Jim Turner was an accountant for my parents right after I got married and was working for them. I’d like to say that Jim was one of the wise old ones but honestly, he was a working guy like you and me. However, the wisdom quoted above is the one thing that he taught me that has stuck with me. How others perceive me is my problem, not theirs.