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Tips on how to get accepted as a speaker at a PHP conference

Dear Reader,

I sit here this morning working on my sixth PHP conference (ZendCon 06, 07, 08, DPC 09, tekx and now ZendCon 10) I have to sit back and reflect on how lucky I am. I get paid to help select the sessions that developers from around the world will sit in and learn in. It is truly humbling when I think about it.

One of the few downsides to planning a conference though is that any given Call for Papers usually generates a nine to one ratio of proposals to speaking slots. Do the math and you will see that for every one person I get to make happy, eight more think I am a total douche, or worse. I call the email’s “Dear John’s” because “rejection letters” seems so ugly. No matter what you call them though, it is never a happy time.

CWJ: Day -7

Dear Reader,

CodeWorks 09 Vital Stats

CodeWorks 09 day #: -7
Days till I see the Lovely and Talented Kathy:14
Cities left: 7
Miles Traveled: 0
Cups of Coffee: 0
Current Current City: London

Random Stat of the Day

Current Slide Count:92

Prep Work

Today’s presentation included adding a couple of code oriented slides to my “Design Patterns” talk. I felt that 50+ slides weren’t enough to keep you amused while I ramble. I may sneak in a few slides showing past articles from this blog if I can’t find anything else to show. I’ve got 60 minutes to fill and so far I’m only at 55. :)


Goals for the New Year

Dear Reader,

Ok, that last post was as close as I’m gonna get to a “year in review” post. I just don’t like looking backwards that much. So let’s take a moment to look forward and set some goals.

  • Lose 30 lbs.
    Yeah, I know it’s a cliche but I really want to drop 30 this year. These guys just opened up down the street, I think I’ll give them a try. Aside form the fact that they use ColdFusion for their website, they seem to be pretty cool.
  • One blog post per week in 2008.
    Guess what, I’ve got the first week covered. Seriously, I’ve been real lax in posting here for the past year, mainly because most of my writing efforts go to DevZone. However, I do have several ideas that I want to discuss here that revolve around technology but are not necessarily related to PHP.
  • Write One new article per month.
    With all the opportiunities I have to write, you would think this is a no brainer but like everything else, I get sidetracked on other projects. So I hope to post or have printed, one new article per month.
  • Another Book in 2008.
    Ok, so my first book isn’t officially released yet but even so, it was all written in 2007. I’d like to come up with another idea and sell it to a publisher. I’m guessing my ability to do so is greatly dependent on the sales of my first book. So do me a favor…go order a copy.
  • A picture a day in 2008.
    Inspired by people like Chris Wage, Andrei Zmievski, Sebastian Bergmann and Terry Chay, I really want to post one new picture per day in 2008…I’m already behind, this being Janyary 2nd and I’ve yet to post a picture. As soon as I finish this post, I’ll start figuring out what and where to shoot. Note: my goal is not to be as good as any of those four, just to post a new picture every day. I’m shooting for goals I can actually hit.
  • Learn a new language
    The Lovely an Talented Kathy and I will be learning French this year.

So those are my goals for the year, only time will tell whether I can hit them. Hey, have you posted your goals for the year? let me know, I’ll link to them.

Until next time,