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Range Report

Dear Reader,

This weekend I made it back to the range after about 4 months off. It felt good to get back to practicing. All of these targets represent 20 9mm rounds from my Glock 19.


As always, I start at 15 yards. Not bad, two in the center ring.


At ten yards I did a little worse. I am still pulling to the left. I think it’s my trigger finger but even using just my fingertip I still pill a little to the left. Still managed to put one in the center ring.


You would think that the closer it gets the better my aim would be. Not so. This is at 5 yards. Not a single shot in the center ring. The best I can say is that I had more shots in the scoring rings, that’s about it.


Seven yards seems to have been my sweet spot. Three in the center ring, all on top of each other. (Look close, you cna see that there are actually three shots there.) Only four outside of the scoring rings.


At this point, I’m getting a little tired. One in the center ring, six outside the scoring rings. Not great.


To finish it out, something different. This was 20 shouts – two groups of 10 – as fast as I could pull the trigger. I think I freaked a few of the other shooters out. :) I emptied each magazine in under three seconds. When the lovely and talented Kathy and I took the “Self Defense Through Tactical Shooting and Decision Making” class, the theme they teach is “stop the threat”. I think I was successful. Only one shot missed the target’s body mass.

By the way, if you are in Central Florida, I can’t recommend this course enough, “Self Defense Through Tactical Shooting and Decision Making”. It is taught by the Brevard County Sherrif’s Department.

  • You spend time with Deputies, going over firearms and their use.
  • You spend time in a simulator that is used by the Department training deputies on how to react to different situations.
  • You spend time with a lawyer going over Florida gun law.
  • You spend time out on the range with deputies teaching you defensive shooting. (Which it turns out is nothing like the drills I run at the range.) Just don’t take it in July. Good lord it was hot out there. :)

Until next time,
I <3 |<

Range Report: June 28th, 2015

Drae Reader,

Just because I am traveling doesn’t mean I am slacking on my range time. The lovely and talented Kathy and I spent some time on Sunday at Robert’s Gun Rack in Mobile, AL. Overall, I didn’t do bad. I’ve done better.

Each of these targets with 20 shots (2 magazines of 10), with the exception of the 986, which was 3 clips of 7 shots each.



This was with my Glock at ~20-30 feet. I keep pulling to the left for some reason. Not sure why. At least I was consistent throughout the day. All day I pulled left. :)


Still using my Glock but this was as fast as I could pull the trigger. Grouping is still off to the left but for 10-15 feet, it’s not bad. (Aprox 1 second between trigger pulls.)


I pulled out my Smith & Wesson 986 and did a little better at 20-30 feet. Still pulling to the left but the grouping is tighter.


Back to the Glock and at 10 feet. Not my best at that distance, but not bad either.


Final set, Glock at ~10 feet. Still nice and tight grouping. Still pulling to the left.


All in all, it was a good afternoon. Kathy did good despite the fact that she shot at pink targets. :)

Robert’s is a decent range. I miss Nashville Armory because I can tell the system how far out to run the targets. At Roberts they just have markers on the wall. But even with that, it’s a decent range and one I recommend to anyone shooting in the Mobile, AL area.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

Range Report: Christmas Vacation Style

Dear Reader,


The kids are home for the holidays. For the Evans family, that means a trip to the range. So this morning we packed up the Evans Family Militia – Tennessee Chapter, and headed to the range. I finally got some time with my Smith & Wesson 986. I didn’t do too bad.


This target is 21 rounds at 10 yards with the revolver. Yes, I’m still pulling to the left, but nothing outside of the 9 ring so I’m happy.


Again, 21 rounds at 10 yards with the revolver. This time, not as good. I’m not sure what went wrong but I went wild on this one. Still, all in the 9 right, but only two in the 10.
This final round was 20 shots at 5 yards with the Glock 17. I’ve shot this gun almost a year now so I am very comfortable with it.



All in all I am pleased with my progress. I need some more range time with the revolver to get comfortable though.

This was the first time I shot both the semi and the revolver.  The 986 is a 9mm revolver and doesn’t kick anywhere near as bad as a .38. But I was surprised that the 986 does kick more than the Glock. My guess is that the slide on the Glock takes some of the energy and transfers it into chambering the next round, where as the revolver doesn’t. But it could also be that the revolver’s frame is a solid piece of metal and that my palm is on that metal.


Either way, we killed a lot of Oompa Loompa’s today. So it was a good day. :)


I love my family. Which is probably a good thing since they are all decent shots.


Until next time,

I <3 |<