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Twitter For Marketers

Dear Reader,

Most of you who know me know that I spend way too much time on During all that time, I’ve learned a lot about twitter and the twitter community. I’ve seen companies succeed using it to talk to their customers and seen companies fall flat on their face. I even recorded an episode of Sixty Second Tech on the subject and even wrote a blog post about it.

Recently I started wrapping everything I’ve learned up into a single document. By the time I finished, it was 20 pages long. I sent it off to several reviewers, marketers and others, took their feedback and refined it over time and am really happy with the results.

So if you’ve ever wondered what works and what doesn’t when marketing on twitter, “Twitter for Marketers” is for you.

Until next time,

Sixty Second Tech Promo appears on The New Mediology

Dear Reader,

Just a quick note to tell you that Sixty Second Tech has a promo on episode 8 of “The New Mediology”. Huge thanks to Bill and Nathan. It’s a good episode on “Online Advertising Stragies That Work”. I encourage everyone (both of you) to drop by and give it a listen. If there are any other podcasters out there that want to swap 30 second promos, drop me a line.

Until next time,

Sixty Second Tech, the Tech Podcast for Non-Tech People.

Dear Reader,

I have launched a new project called Sixty Second Tech.

Sixty Second Tech is the tech podcast for non tech people. Each weekly episode discusses a new technology, idea, or concept for one minute.

In the first few episodes we cover topics like:

  • How to Find a Programmer
  • Websites on the Cheap
  • OpenID

…and of course, the episode that C.C. Chapman featured on his podcast, “Managing the Gray”, “Go Relevant or Go Home!“; the only SEO secret any web site owner needs to know.

I’ve been working with technology for 25 years now. (yes, I actually owned a VIC-20!) For most of those 25 years, I’ve been explaining technology, demystifying buzzwords, and correcting misconceptions to anyone who will listen. Sixty Second Tech came about because repeating the same explanation of a concept like OpenID individually to 50 different people just got old. (For my technical friends, the model just didn’t scale.)

Sixty Second Tech is the cure for BSS

Sixty Second Tech is the only known cure for “Blank Stare Syndrome” (BSS). BSS happens when one of your technical friends starts talking to you and unconsciously slips into geek speak. They don’t realize they’ve triggered BSS until long after your eyes glaze over. BSS is an embarrassing condition but a curable one, just spend one minute a week listening to Sixty Second Tech.

Of course no one is going to become an expert on a subject in sixty seconds. Each episode of Sixty Second Tech will however, spark your imagination and give you enough information so that you can decide if the concept is important to you.

Subscribe Today

It will soon be on iTunes but for now, you can subscribe to Sixty Second Tech via the Sixty Second Tech RSS feed,

Spread the news

I’m asking my (4) regular readers to help me spread the word.

  • Blog about Sixty Second Tech
  • Link to Sixty Second Tech homepage
  • tweet it
  • become a fan on facebook and invite others to do so as well
  • Stumble it
  • When you see someone suffering from BSS, send them to Sixty Second Tech for the cure.


Until next time,