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Day Camp 4 Developers #5: Public Speaking for Developers

dc4d-twitterDear Reader,

Conferences are a big part of being a developer. Whether you organize them, speak at them, or attend them; they play an important role in the lives of developers. As a conference organizer myself, I know the problems that face organizers and the biggest problem I see is that each year, we get a lot of great talks proposed from the same people. There’s nothing wrong with these speakers, in fact some of them are pretty damn good. It is nice though, to see new faces – and new perspectives – being represented.

The most common reason I hear for not submitting is that developer’s don’t feel that they can speak in public. That or they’ve tried once, didn’t get accepted, so they assumed that no one is interested. I want to help developers, and conference organizers by trying to solve this problem. To that end, I’ve announced Day Camp 4 Developers #5: Public Speaking for Developers.

Check out our lineup for DC4D#5:

Day Camp for Developers is a one-day, on-line, technology agnostic conference. You participate in this live conference from the comfort of your own home or office. Included in your price is access to the recordings of all the sessions for download after the conference.

Come join us, March 22, 2013, for a great day of learning. Invest a day in your career, get your ticket today for Day Camp 4 Developers #5: Public Speaking for Developers.

Until next time,
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