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Day Camp 4 Developers#2: Telecommuting

Dear Reader,

As you may have noticed from the badge on the left, my recent tweets or any number of other online queues, we’ve announced the topic for Day Camp 4 Developers #2: Telecommuting. Like last time, we have a great lineup of topics speakers.

Those of you who know me know that telecommuting, remote working or distributed teams, whatever you want to call it, is a passion of mine. I’ve written about it, spoke about it and most importantly, I live it. Now, I’ve put together 5 friends who are going to talk to you about it. They are going to cover everything from Is it right for you? to How to talk to your boss about telecommuting. If you are a developer working remote, come learn about tools and tips, if you want to be a remote worker, come figure out if it’s right for you.

Like last time, you get the entire day for $35. If you’ve got a few friends and want to get together and participate as a group, you can get an “Office Party” ticket for only $100. However you want to participate, you don’t want to miss Day Camp 4 Developers #2: Telecommuting. Like last time, it’s going to be a lot of knowledge wrapped up in a fun day of just hanging out.

Until next time,
I <3 |<

Perception and Telecommuting

Dear Reader,

“You are responsible for how others perceive you.”
– Jim Turner

Jim Turner was an accountant for my parents right after I got married and was working for them. I’d like to say that Jim was one of the wise old ones but honestly, he was a working guy like you and me. However, the wisdom quoted above is the one thing that he taught me that has stuck with me. How others perceive me is my problem, not theirs.

Remote Developers

Dear Reader,

This conversation takes place via email at least once a week for me

Headhunter: “I am looking for the best PHP programmer available. Do you know anyone?”
Me: “Yes, I know someone right now who is looking around and is awesome; however, they are not looking to relocate. Are you willing to consider a remote worker?”
Headhunter: “no.”
Me: “Sorry, your loss.”