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Paying for Open Source

Dear Reader,

There is a LOT of talk going on about open source, paying, licenses, an other fun topics. Open Source is growing up and people are trying to figure out how to make a living at it. Yes, there are some bad actors out there strip-mining the value out of some open source projects without contributing to the project. There are however, OS heros out there.

PHPStorm has hired  Nikita Popov. Here is the one key takeaway in that entire post.

The focus of his work – improving the PHP ecosystem – will remain the same.

JetBrains gets it. They know that for PHPStorm to thrive, there has to be ongoing and serious development  on PHP, it cannot grow stale. So they stepped up.

Do you work at a company whose existence is only possible because of open source software? (I do) Then you (we) need to step up. If you are paying attention you know that there is another  high-profile core developer looking for a job. Talk to your managers. Talk to your CEO. Have your company step up and ensure its own long term survival the way that JetBrains did.

Give back.

Hire a core developer and pay them to work on PHP.

Be an open source hero like JetBrains.

Until next time,
I <3 |<