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Training isn’t about finding, it’s about understanding

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I get a lot of offers for training, mostly in the areas of  marketing and programming, two things that are passions of mine.  I pass over most of them with the attitude of “I’m not paying $99 for something I can find in a couple of online videos or blogs.

Contrast that with scuba diving – regular readers are tired of doing this – where I spend on average two weekends a month helping train people to “swim with the fishes and live to tell the tale”. Each of these people I’ve helped train have paid at a minimum $500 to be there and some paid much more.

As a programmer, I have taught myself much of what I know. A lot of it through trial and error. Yes, it’s easy to find things on the internet that will show me how to do something, but that’s not what training is for. Training helps me understand what I am doing. It’s only when I understand what I’m doing that I can apply that knowledge to other problems.

Trail and error is not only an inefficient way to learn scuba diving principals, it’s a deadly way to do it. I literally need to understand not only how but why.

I need to spend more time in professional training courses for software development. It’s a much faster way to learn how to do something and it has the added benefit of  helping me understand why I need to do it.

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Listen, Understand, Act

Creating a Brown Bag Lunch Program

Dear Reader,

brown_bag_coverLast month – Feburary 2016 – I launched my new book “Creating a Brown Bag Lunch Program”. In a little over a month, it has gained close to 400 readers.

The What and Why

The premise of the book is simple, I walk managers of developers teams through all the steps necessary to create an environment of continuous learning for their teams.

Creating a Brown Bag Lunch program is not difficult, but managers are busy. This book lays out everything you need to know in a simple step-by-step process. From how to select topics to the details like room and food, I lay it all out for you in this book.

For $10, and about 30 minutes of your time, you can learn everything you need to know to start a program that is going to help build your team, grow your team, and bring your team together.

Get the book for free

Here’s the kicker, I don’t really want your $10. I’ll trade you my book for your email address. You can either use the link above and buy it from Amazon, or you can click the button below and get it for free, the choice is up to you. It is the EXACT SAME BOOK in both cases.

Whether you pay with cash or pay with your email address, get this book today and start your team down the road of continuous learning.

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