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PHP Bloggers! Help Me Out…Make a Few Bucks!

Dear Reader,

Most of you that I know personally, I contacted back in September about a new project of mine, Now, I’m putting out the call to all my friends, virtual or other wise, asking for your help.

securePHPhosting Elevator Pitch
My goal with securePHPhosting is to build a shared hosting environment as safe and reliable as possible. We go to great lengths to make sure that it’s always up to date and monitored on a 24×7 basis. I’ve been managing shared hosting since 1998 and know quite a bit about it. securePHPhosting is just for PHP developers and it’s run by a PHP developer. Most importantly though, I personally offer all clients money back guarantee if your not happy. Additionally, if our service goes down, we start refunding money.

Here’s how you can help me and possibly yourself.
securePHPhosting has an affiliate program. No, you don’t have to host with me to participate. If you want to, hey, I’d love to talk to you about your hosting needs; but this is about us helping each other, not just me asking for your business. Since I’m really only targeting PHP developers with this service, I’m only looking for affiliates that are PHP developers and have blogs.

If you sign up for the affiliate program, I will pay you 100% of the first month’s hosting fee for each and every client that comes in through your blog. It’s really easy, you sign up, you put the graphic on your blog, you get paid if people sign up. I’ll be honest with you when I say that this isn’t gonna make you a ton of money. is a premium web host and as such our prices are higher than your normal web hosts. I do not apologize for this as a lot of time and effort goes into the upkeep of our servers. However, since this is targeted at the audience you are already bringing in on your blog, the chances of you getting a payout are good.

So the upside is I could be paying you $25 or $50 for you sending me a customer, the downside…well, there really isn’t one. It will cost you about 10 minutes to fill out the form and place the graphic.

There’s my pitch, if you know me and I’ve not pissed you off (lately) think about it. Nothing would make me happier than to share the wealth with all my PHP friends.

To sign up for securePHPhosting’s affiliate program, click here.

Until next time,