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php|architect’s Guide to Programming the Zend Framework

programming_with_zend_frameworkDear Reader,

Last week, php|architect announced my book, “php|architect’s Guide to Programming the Zend Framework”. Today I posted the announcement over on DevZone. I’ll admit that I was very nervous posting the announcement on DevZone because I’m not keen on using DevZone for self-promotion. However, in the end, it came down to the fact that I announce other books so I needed to announce this one.

Anyhow, for the both of you who read this, I have a new PHP book out titled “php|architect’s Guide to Programming the Zend Framework”. There’s been a link to it in my sidebar since it was announced but I thought that since I announced it on DevZone, I would post about it here as well.

Until Next time,

2007 was a Good Year for Me

Dear Reader,

In 2007 I was privileged to achieve the following in my career as Editor-in-Chief of DevZone.

  • Attended 9 conference
  • Visited 3 foreign countries
  • Attended 2 barCamps
  • Spoke at 2 conferences
  • Started 2 podcasts
  • Started 2 web projects.
  • Had 1 article published in php|architect
  • Spoke at 1 PHP User Group
  • Wrote my first book
  • Was Master of Ceremonies at my second PHP conference

So yeah…2007 was good…but 2008 is looking even better.

Until Next Time,