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This is a list of the talks I’ve given and the slides for each of them if they are available.

The Basics of Hosting

THis is not a developer talk. This was written for WordCamp attendees who want to know more about hosting so they can make an informed decision.
The Basics of Hosting – WordCamp Orlando ’14

Five Things I Wish They Had Told Me Before I Started Programming in PHP

Five things I wish they had told me before I started programming in PHP is a raucous romp through PHP, covering not only mistakes that programmers make, but skills they need to make sure they master.

This is a 101 level course. If you are new to programming or just new to PHP, you will get something out of this.

Five things Slides – Codeworks 09
Five Things Slides – Nashville PHP User Group

Design Patterns

An irreverent jog through the Temple of the Gang of Four. We will examine 10 design patterns, discuss when to use each and, when applicable, give example code.

This is a 201 level course. You must have a firm grounding in Object Oriented design and programming to really get anything out of this.

Design Patterns Slides – CodeWorks 09
Design Patterns SlidesIPC09

Zend Framework from the Command Line

Everybody knows you can build great web applications using Zend Framework. Few people know that you can build great CLI tools with it also. This is an overview on what it takes to write CLI tools using Zend Framework. It includes a look at Zend_Tool.

Zend Framework from the CLI – International PHP Conference 2009
tweetme Sourcecode
Zend_Tool Twitter client

Zend Framework from the Command Line – Dutch PHP Conference 2011
bugU sourcecode
Open Teams

Put yourself in your developer’s shoes for a moment.

You are a professional developer, you work on a project all day at work but you live to get home and start working on your passion, an open source project. Suddenly, instead of slogging through the day, you are actively engaged in a project that may be much more complex than the one you are working on at work. Worse yet, you may actually have more responsibility, more input, more voice on your open source team than you do at work. You wish your day job excited you as much as your open source project. You wish you could be as engaged in it.

Open Teams Slides – Dutch PHP Conference 2011